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Trowbridge JKD Group – Wilts, England

Trowbridge Group

(wiltshire, England)

Our Trowbridge group meets twice a week in the to train. (Weds and Fri)
Wednesday is our preferred beginners and tech night.

We do a variety of drills on pads, shields and with protective equipment.

As a beginner we start by teaching you basic tech, footwork, distance and awareness drills.
Then when we think you are ready we start you on Sifu Tommys progression drills.
First on pads then later with protective equipment.

Here is a short clip about our training:


Ultimately our goal is to teach you Jeet Kune Do as it was intended.
For reality based street combat.

Training nights at present are Wednesdays and Fridays  and times are 7 to 8.30 pm.

For venues and any other information contact Paul

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