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Canadian Group: Chris Gray

Canadian Group

Hi, my name is Chris Gray, and I am leading a group under direction of Sifu Carruthers in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, we are approximately 1 hr west of Ottawa.

We will be using a Gym in town, on the top floor of this building, Ultimate Fitness, on the Main Street of the town.

We meet twice a week, 7pm until 9 pm, Mondays and Thursdays. Sometimes we train in my garage (where this picture was taken), Derek has been training with me for a while, and had no experience before, John has a competitive Judo background, and started after.

We focus on timing, accuracy, sensitivity, structure and distance control, building a solid foundation and build up to full speed and full contact fighting drills, using a variety of training methods outlined by Sifu Tommy.

Train Smart. Chris Gray

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